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The Art of Crafting Your Wedding Day Beauty Timeline

Updated: Mar 10

Planning a wedding is a journey filled with tiny details and so much decision-making. From selecting the perfect venue to curating the ideal menu, each step demands careful consideration. Among these decisions, one often overlooked aspect is the bridal beauty portion of your wedding day timeline - a key element that can significantly impact the flow of your special day. After all your hair and makeup time sets the tone for your wedding day.

While many assume that a wedding planner should take charge of the entire schedule, its important to allow your hair and makeup team to handle this portion of your wedding. They will know exactly how long they need from set up to touch up time. You may need a little extra based on how your trial went and you defiantly want to have some extra time for any look changes or touch up time needed.

By entrusting your hair and makeup artists to plan out your hair and makeup schedule, you will be able to enjoy your time and allow you day to set up correctly. Whether you choose to assign specific time slots or keep it open, its always best to have everyone arrive at the same time so that you have a harmonious flow during your getting ready time.

It may be tempting to take this part of the day over because it can feel like smoothing that you can control, try to allow your hair and makeup artists to take this task over and help you start your wedding day on the best foot possible.


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